Fun Dives

We offer dive trips to local destinations all around Siargao Island. One tank dive for close local dive sites, two tank dives for further destinations, or full day excursions.

All necessary equipment is available for hire, see rates for details. To make sure everything will be perfect for you, here are some answers to the most frequent questions:

What to bring?

We are a full service PADI Dive Center which means we can offer you everything it takes to dive starting with full gear, tank re-fillings, dive equipped boats and professional guides! But it will be helpful to us and maybe more convenient for you to bring some things along:
Medical Certification : It is recommended to visit a specialized doctor before practicing scuba diving, particularly if you plan to take a diving course.
Dive Certification Card : If you are already certified, we will need some proof of dive training, no matter if it's with PADI, SSI, CMAS, NAUI or any other recognized dive organization. If for some reason you have forgotten or lost your card, we can only check PADI certifications on-line.
Log-book : for certain dive trips or certification courses we need to know about your experience. We will ask you to pass a refresher course for divers who have not been diving for more than a year.
Dive gear : You can hire all your dive gear from us or you can bring along your own equipment. Check with your flight company about extra charges for additional sports gear.

When to come diving ?

The PALAKA SIARGAO DIVE CENTER is operating all year round, 365 days to explore and discover Siargao surrounding ! Seasonal changes do add to the variety of marine life during the year it's so interesting to dive at any moment of the year !